India Vs Bangladesh Delhi Tickets – 1st T20 Kotla Stadium

The Bangladesh team is touring India in the month of November this year. It would be a good series between two neighboring nations. Both the teams have a cricket following fan base. Their fans are one of the most serious ones and the rivalry between these two teams is somewhat increasing. After playing with many teams this year, the Indian team has a good mindset for playing with Bangladesh. As the series is at their home ground, the players can spend time with their family and do their duty of representing their nation in cricket alongside. Before the India Tour of Bangladesh, India has played with South Africa at their home. It was a good series and with 3 T20 and 3 Test matches, they got a good experience of playing at their home with an international team right before playing with Bangladesh. It helps the players to adjust back to the home conditions and take advantage.

The Bangladesh team with start the series with 1st T20 at Arun Jaitley stadium of Delhi. The stadium was earlier known as Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. People of Delhi are too interested in watching cricket match from the stadium. Hence, it would be tough to get the India Vs Bangladesh Delhi stadium tickets easily. The match is scheduled on Sunday, which makes it even tougher to get the tickets. The India vs Bangladesh Delhi tickets are to be sold online on the official ticket selling website and you may get the tickets offline at Arun Jaitley stadium ticket counter. We can try India Vs Bangladesh 1st T20 ticket booking online. This is the only match of Bangladesh Tour of India 2019, which is being played in Delhi. India vs Bangladesh 1st T20 match ticket price is displayed at the ticket counter and we have also shed some light here.

India Vs Bangladesh Delhi Tickets Booking

The Bangladesh team is touring India after a long time. They played last time in India the World Cup group stage match and India won the match quite easily. In the past, both teams have very close encounters and the team performing better ended up winning. On paper, India may look like a clear winner, but Bangladesh tea can defeat them if they play good cricket. The T20 matches are a small format of the cricket match. It takes only 3 hours of gameplay to decide the winner and the one playing better scores the win. Fans are always up for an exciting match, they want to see their team win. Considering the form of the Bangladesh team, we can expect a tough match between the teams. Fans are aware of this fact and hence, the India Vs Bangladesh Delhi ticket demand is increased for the match. The India vs Bangladesh Feroz Shah Kotla tickets booking would be conducted on one of the ticket selling websites. The BCCI authorizes the seller for selling the match tickets for a particular series. Most tickets are sold only on one website, sometimes, could of websites are also authorized to sell these entry passes. We would suggest you conduct India Vs Bangladesh Delhi ticket booking only on the authorized websites.

The T20 format of cricket is very much popular among the youth. The fans see three hours of action-packed cricket and it mostly ends with the up result. The teams are giving importance to the format as the T20 world cup is lined up for play in 2020. As a part of the preparation of the T20 World Cup, teams are playing more T20 with each other. That is the reason of no including any ODI in the Bangladesh Tour of India. The India vs Bangladesh Delhi tickets are expected to be sold out in a couple of days. You may try booking the tickets online We have shared the steps to book India Vs Bangladesh tickets. The India Vs Bangladesh T20 match related information is given below:

Match Details
Tour – Bangladesh Tour of India 2019
Match Type: T20 Match
Series – India vs Bangladesh T20 series
Stadium Name – Arun Jaitley Stadium/Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium/Delhi Stadium
City – Delhi
Date – 03 November 2019
Day – Sunday
Stadium Seating Capacity – 42,000 Approx

How to Book India vs Bangladesh Delhi Tickets

The Bangladesh tour of India would be a very successful tour. Both the teams are very familiar with each other. Few players of the Bangladesh team are part of the IPL teams. They play alongside Indian players in the IPL tournament. This makes their relations with each other quite better. It helps players to improve their game too. One of the biggest benefits of IPL like the tournament is that it gives a perfect exposure to the youngster. Some of the Bangladesh players have played with IPL teams so they may also get some support from their Indian fans. It will be a competitive tournament and people would be planning to get tickets of India Vs Bangladesh T20 Match in Delhi. This 3-hour long match format will take you to a roller coaster ride of cricket. The India vs Bangladesh Delhi tickets has been searched by people across the country. Our neighbors will also try to get Bangladesh Vs India Delhi tickets for 1st T20, to be able to watch the match.

Let’s have a look at some of the important things to consider for booking India Vs Bangladesh Feroz Shah Kotla stadium tickets of 3 November 2019. We may see the tickets booking at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium ticket counter. The benefit of booking India Vs Bangladesh tickets from Delhi stadium ticket counter is only for those who are staying nearby. You might save the convenience or booking fee while booking from the counter and the physical entry pass is given hand to hand. For those who are planning to book by following Ind Vs Ban Delhi stadium ticket booking process, you can have a look here:

  • Visit one of the ticket booking websites by using a laptop or smartphone.
  • Login to the website and go to the sports section.
  • Look for the Bangladesh Tour of India 2019.
  • You will find India vs Bangladesh Delhi tickets, dated 3 November.
  • On the tickets page, you will see the Delhi stadium seat map and India Vs Bangladesh tickets price list.
  • India Vs Bangladesh Delhi stadium ticket price list helps you to make the seat selection.
  • You would need to complete the payment on the next page.
  • You have multiple options to choose from while completing the payment.
  • You can choose home delivery or pickup from the box office.

One should Buy tickets from official websites.

Delhi Stadium India vs Bangladesh Tickets Price

The Delhi stadium has a seating capacity of more than 41,000. In the stadium, there would be a very big crowd on the match day. People have already made their plan for watching the Delhi match. One of the important factors in the booking is India vs Bangladesh Delhi ticket cost. The starting price would be somewhere near 500 – 700 Rs. Their entry pass cost would be higher for higher categories. India Vs Bangladesh ticket counter would also sell those tickets. I would suggest that you start looking for tickets in advance and book the seat according to your budget after looking at India Vs Bangladesh 1st T20 ticket price list.

One should buy India vs Bangladesh tickets from one of the official websites or ticket counter. Buying from the unauthorised sources would put you at risk.

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