India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata Tickets – Bangladesh Tour of India 2019

The World Test Championship has been announced after many years of discussion and rumors. The India Vs Bangladesh Indore match is the first match of the championship inside the country. Many matches are already played as part of the championship, but all the matches were played overseas. This will give special importance to the test matches. The test matches are slowly losing charm with time. After the introduction of the T20 format, people are more inclined towards the faster format of the game. The matches finish within 3-3:30 hours and they are thoroughly entertaining. The Bangladesh Tour of India have two Test matches and both of these matches are part of the Test championship 2019 – 2021. The response of Indian cricket fans will help us understand the treatment this new championship receives. India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata stadium tickets sale will clarify how much interest it has created among the common man. The 2nd Test match between IND and BAN will be played in Kolkata stadium also known as Eden Gardens stadium. This is one of the oldest stadia, and it can hold around 68,000 spectators. The India Vs Bangladesh Eden Gardens tickets sale is expected to be high but it is less likely to fill the stadium.

The Test championship is a point-based championship, just like ODI championship. It is extended across 2 years, unlike tenure of a couple of months for ODI world cup. The teams will play in their planned series in Bilateral series, just like before. What has changed is that these team will receive points on winning a match or series. These matches will decide the position of different teams. The more points, the better position a team holds. If India wins both matches, it will be quite beneficial for the team. This would give the teams another reason to strive for a win. India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata tickets would be sold online and offline. Fans for both of the teams are waiting for the series, they have started searching for the tickets to be able to watch the match from the stadium. Most of the India cricket fans have searched India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata tickets online. The India Vs Bangladesh 2nd test match tickets are also sold on Eden Gardens stadium. The official ticket booking website would be chosen by BCCI among the few websites.

India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata Tickets Booking

As we are aware, the teams will have two reasons to win test matches. One reason is to take lead in the current match and the other reason is to lead in the points table. This new series is expected to bring new excitement to the test cricket match fans. The match lasts 5 days and the team playing better for so long wins the match. Sometimes, the matches result in a draw and no teams are declared the winner. In the past few years, we have seen pitches where the test matches also end up in results most of the time. This has increased the popularity of test matches. Test championship will also be a new experience for all the teams as well as fans. In 2021, the first-ever test champion will be crowned and every team would want to get that title. The India vs Bangladesh Kolkata tickets sale would be increased because of this.

The India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata ticket price should remain the same as before. The Bangladesh team is strong enough to defeat India, however, it would be a big challenge to defeat them at their home. India should not underestimate Bangladesh team as they can turn the match around. Kolkata stadium ticket counter might also sell tickets a few days before the match day. The easiest way to book Ind Vs Ban Kolkata match tickets is to get them online. Let us shed lights on some details of India Vs Bangladesh 2nd test match.

Match Details

Series Name: Bangladesh Tour of India 2019

Match Type: Test match format

Series Name: India vs Bangladesh Test series

Stadium Name: Kolkata stadium / Eden Gardens

City: Kolkata, West Bengal

Date: 22 – 26 November 2019

Match start Day: Tuesday

Eden Gardens Seating Capacity: 68,000

How to Book India vs Bangladesh Kolkata Tickets

The Indian cricket team is quite a busy team, they have been playing at different places since the start of the year. It is now time for them to play a few matches at their home grounds. The India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata match is to be played at Eden Gardens stadium. One can buy India Vs Bangladesh tickets at Eden Garden stadium ticket counter. The other way of booking India Vs Bangladesh 2nd test ticket is by online mode. The IND Vs BAN 2nd test online ticket booking process is explained to help you:

  • Visit one of the official ticket booking websites, such as Paytm, Bookmyshow, insider, etc.
  • The Bangladesh Tour of India should be listed in the Sports section or events section.
  • click on the match tickets and find India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata test tickets.
  • Check the date and time of the match as you can opt for 5 days pass or you can buy individual day tickets.
  • You can find the seat map and you will have Ind Vs Ban Kolkata ticket price list.
  • The Kolkata stadium seat map and seating layout are quite helpful in choosing seats.
  • Once you have made the seat selection, go ahead to the payment page
  • Choose one of the online payment option to complete the payment.
  • The option of home delivery is available along with pick up from the box office.

Indore stadium India vs Bangladesh Tickets

There are a couple of ways to book India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata test tickets. Before booking the tickets, one should know have an idea about the expenses. So getting an idea of India Vs Bangladesh test match ticket price would be one way to plan. It is very simple and you can have an idea by looking at the India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata ticket cost. It should be priced at around 200 – 400 Rs for a single day. The higher price tickets are also available, you can look at the different categories of tickets. The India vs Bangladesh Eden Gardens tickets price should be declared a couple of weeks before the match.

This article is written to help our readers regarding India Vs Bangladesh Kolkata stadium tickets booking. We do not deal with sale and purchase of the tickets.

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